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Claudio Serrano en INTERFACE

Madrid, 11 de Mayo.

El actor Claudio Serrano. doblador de Christian Bale, Ben Affeck,.. será la voz del documental INTERFACE.

Mas información:

El estudio de grabación será THE LOBBY  en MADRID (

Claudio Serrano twitter @Claudiosensaso

Interface, in post-production

This was 2011

This was 2011 from on Vimeo.

BROAD 2011


Think Beyond the Screen. Be free of plug-ins. Think in terms of multiple concepts and strategies to be implemented in all areas in exceptional circumstances and thereby achieve the definition of new realities. To create Beyond the Screen is to question what we are doing, where we are going and how we are going to get there.

Now in it’s seventh edition, International 2011 brings you much more than memorable lectures by some of the best professionals in audiovisual design. These are people who come to share their ideas and visions. It is a meeting place for professionals to take the pulse of what’s going to happen. It is a place where creators connect with the market and the market discovers new talents. has always strived to be a beacon with which to observe the intricacies that are often ill-defined due to the complexity of this discipline. In each of our on-line articles, our events and our many projects, there is always a spark that exceeds the conventional limits of what we can read into the term audiovisual design. This year’s contents are a clear example.

INTERFACE  project will be presented by Daniel Molina  in this edition of


Title: Interface
Category: Documentary
Production Company: Fantastic Orange Tree
Pere Gifre / Daniel Molina
Year: 2013
Producer: Daniel Molina
Director: Eduard Martí
Duration: 52′

Format: HD

Daniel Molina Content Sales Manager
+34 972 255 753 – fantastic orange tree office